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The Wild-Life Programme

We believe that exploring the outdoors with like-minded people has a hugely positive influence on a child’s development. Wild-Life Holiday Day Camps offers exceptional quality day care for children which is designed to bring every child closer to nature.

From the minute the programme begins children are immersed in the outdoors, making the camp, cooking, exploring. Our day begins at 9.00 am and we spend the day outdoors doing the following activities:

Den making
Bug finding/exploring
Exploring the wood
Cooking on camp fire
Basic first aid
Weaving using natural things
Make an animal shelter
Treasure trails
Dream catchers
Kite making
Branch weaving
Nature wind chimes
Parachute games
Boat competiton
Create a nature garden
Wood carving
Nature puppets
Willow – candle jar
Make bird feeders



We are also visited by Wildlife Aid, Top Hat Circus, Jungle Animals, Mobile Climbing Wall, Mobile Adventure Course, Soccer Club, VB Dance, Mad Science, Zoo 4 U, Learn Photography and
many other visitors to our camp.

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